Sergius Hannan: An Alaskan Adventurer and Professional Photographer

    Behind the Scenes: Alaskan Photography

    Looking for a breathtaking photo opportunity? If you’re an adventurer or photographer, then you know that Alaska is a prime destination for both. It’s gorgeous, wild, and largely untouched by man. With its icy landscape and pristine wildlife, the state offers plenty of beautiful backdrops to capture on camera. This featured article displays breath-taking images captured by Sergius Hannan, an Alaskan photographer. These photos are just a taste of what you might see during your next trip to Alaska.

    Resting Bull

    “I found this young bull high in the Chugach mountains where he bedded down to get some much needed rest. Bull moose spend the majority of their time locking antlers with other bulls, digging sparring pits, and chasing after cows during their annual rut. This photo was captured during one of my photography workshops I lead every fall.”

    Iditarod Aerial

    “An iditarod musher marches his team across a frozen lake on his 1,000 mile trek to the remote town of Nome, Alaska. The Iditarod is the world’s most famous sled dog race in the world, originating from the historic trail that was used by Alaskan natives to traverse the vast western half of the state.”

    Eagle Swoop

    “I was driving down the beach looking for migratory shorebirds during the Kachemak Bay shorebird festival near Homer, Alaska when I spotted five Bald Eagles sitting on the beach. Having grown up in Alaska, I see more bald eagles than I care to count, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture these large raptors in flight as they landed close to a washed up halibut carcass on the beach. I’m so glad I stopped for the photo and was able to capture a wide angle shot of this beautiful bird.”

    Muskox Silhouette

    “I encountered a number of muskox herds on a recent wildlife expedition in Nome, Alaska. During my last night there at midnight, this mother and calf were heading up the hill to join the rest of the herd. The sun was setting and I was able to position myself to get a perfect silhouette of these beautiful beasts against the Alaskan midnight sun. We had countless wildlife encounters with migratory birds, owls, moose, and even an elusive wolverine, but this moment with the muskoxen was by far my favorite of the trip.”

    Sergius Hannan, Award-Winning Alaskan Photographer

    Sergius Hannan is an Alaskan adventurer and professional photographer based in Homer, AK. His photographs capture the spirit of Alaska and its inhabitants – from bears fishing for salmon to the dancing lights of the aurora borealis. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next trip to Alaska, be sure to check out Sergius‘ work! However, if you are looking to dive deep into the heart of Alaska on a photography expedition, Sergius offers expert guidance. Getting the perfect shot takes more than just pointing and shooting – it takes skill, knowledge, and patience. So if you’re looking to snap some amazing Alaskan photos, join Sergius Hannan in one of his incredible photography tours and workshops. Contact your GoSmart Travel agent for more information!




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