Phyllis’ Cruise Travel Tips

    Ready for your upcoming cruise? Before you go, here are some tips to help build your best experience.

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    Before you cruise:

    Create a folder for mandatory documents, i.e., passports, vaccination cards, Covid test results, and your check-in QR code. Keep these on your phone but also carry a hard copy in case the Wifi in the terminal is spotty.

    Check all passports when leaving your house, arriving and departing from your hotel, wand going to the port, etc. Yes, we’ve had issues. One time, my husband left ours at home and had to catch the next flight. Scary! Also, bring a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or military ID.

    Make copies of your passport, driver’s license, vaccine card, and credit cards to keep in a separate location from the originals. Call your credit card company to tell them your travel plans. 

    Prebook excursions, beverage packages, spa services, etc., before embarkation. Pre-sales are often less than onboard prices. If the prices go down before your cruise, you cancel your first reservation and rebook at the lower price.

    Download the cruise ship app for check-in, the pre-boarding health survey, and the muster drill once on board. It’s handy when looking for activities, menus, your account, etc.

    Make a list of who’s in what cabin when traveling with a group and give everyone a copy. 

    Arrive at your port city one to two days early if you’re flying. Delays and cancellations are frequent, and the ship will leave without you if you are not on board before they sail.

    What to pack:

    For embarkation/debarkation, hand-carry essentials such as meds, makeup, hair products, change of clothes/swimwear/sleepwear, etc. It would be a fluke, but sometimes luggage can be delayed until after dinner. 

    Typically the first night of dining is casual. Formal or Dress Your Best nights are usually on sea days.

    Ladies, a crossbody bag is perfect for carrying your cabin card, phone/camera, reading glasses, lipstick/chapstick, sunscreen, etc. 

    Pack a nice sweater with your dressier clothes in case you need it. Ships tend to be cold to help avoid the passage of germs.

    Open suitcase with clothing in the bedroom. Summer holiday concept.

    What NOT to pack:

    Extension cords. If needed for medical equipment, they will provide one.


    Firearms & Ammunition, including realistic replicas.

    Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors.

    Illegal Drugs & Substances.

    CBD Oil/CBD Products.

    Candles, Incense, Coffee Makers, Clothes Irons, Travel Steamers & Hot Plates.

    Drones and hoverboards.

    HAMILTON, BERMUDA – July 13, 2017: Hamilton, in Bermuda has a blend of British and American culture. Its Royal Naval Dockyard combines modern attractions and boating with history.

    Once on board: 

    Complete the mandatory muster drill before eating or walking around the ship.

    Carry your keycard at all times to get into your cabin, make purchases, and embark and debark your ship. 

    For lunch, try the main dining room to ensure you like your assigned table. Let the crew know if you have dietary restrictions.

    Once in your cabin, check your bed layout, lights, the air conditioner, etc. Adjustments are easier to make when asked before your cabin steward gets too busy with other guests.

    Spending money and tipping:

    You will make all onboard purchases with your cabin keycard. The only exception is the casino.

    Tips are automatically added to your room expense account, but we also hand tip our favorite crew members. Contact me if you would like suggestions on extra tipping. 

    The crew work hard and miss their families. We like to get to know many of them; some have friended me on FaceBook! One amazing hostess remembered us from a previous cruise where she got attached to my Mom. She cried when I told her Mom had passed. (sniff) 

    There are specials for the gift shops and spa services on the ship app or in the booklet left on your bed at evening turn-down. The spas usually have their best specials on port days.

    Some cruise lines include an alcohol package in their price, while others do not. The packages often go on sale before the cruise. Many include specialty coffees and fresh-squeezed juice. Check with your cruise line to see what their alcohol package includes.

    Each passenger of age can bring a 750ml bottle of wine or champagne on board on embarkation day. (Disney is the exception, allowing each adult a 750ml bottle of wine at each port.) Check with your cruise line for their wine/beer policies.


    Special diet? Tell them before the cruise and when you have a new wait staff.

    You may order as many servings as you want in the main dining rooms. An extra lobster tail on the lobster night is very popular! 

    You may request something that’s not on the menu. If the kitchen has it, they will make it for you. Every night we order a plate of steamed broccoli, and by the third night, they bring it without us asking. 

    Is anyone celebrating a special day? Let them know. Most cruise lines will do a little something special. 

    24-hour pizza…enough said! 

    Miscellaneous cabin info:

    We use a sound machine in our room when we sleep. Sometimes the ship noise can be loud, as are some announcements. (Only important announcements are piped into cabins.) 

    Some cruise lines will let you preorder an egg crate mattress pad if you need one. 

    Cabins have a mini-fridge and a lockable safe for jewelry, wallets, passports, car keys, port parking tickets, etc.

    Cruise lines are very strict on ensuring that only toilet paper is flushed. Some will fine passengers who flush other objects. 

    Miscellaneous ship info: 

    Adult-only bar/sunbathing area…enough said!

    Most cruise lines have a person at restaurant and event entrances to spray sanitizer on your hands or remind you to use dispensers.

    Put your cell phone on airplane mode. Without the internet package, they don’t work on most ships. Make sure the usage information is clear. I made the mistake of thinking I could make a call on my internet package, and that one call was over $70!! 

    I can justify the food by using the stairs. We try to make a game out of not riding the elevators. 

    Your luggage must be outside your cabin by 10pm the last night. Pack all your luggage simultaneously to ensure you have what you need for the rest of the cruise in your carry-on. 

    Must have things: 

    *I’ve added links to for all my purchased items.

    Small pharmacy bag. I use a makeup case for meds, sunscreen, zinc, antibiotics, cold and seasick meds, Tylenol, anti-acids, bandaids, antibiotic cream, cotton balls, Q-tips, safety pins, etc. 

    Sticky-notes. Give each cabin in your party a different color Post-It pad to write messages for each others’ doors to say where we are. Trust me, this is a must when traveling with a group!!

    Magnetic hooks. Use to hang a purse, sunglasses, hat, etc., on the magnetic wall near the cabin entrance. 

    Clothes pins are perfect for hanging your wet swimwear in the bathroom. 

    Clear shoe organizers to hang over doors to hold makeup, lotions, hair products, etc.




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