Our Story

    Our Story

    Welcome to GoSmart Travel! We are a full-service travel agency, and online content creator focused on luxury vacations, adventure travel, cruises, and group excursions.

    In 2019, our company opened under a large, nationally-recognized franchise brand; however, COVID-19 tested our team’s mettle as global travel halted in 2020. Our advisors demonstrated that even under extremely challenging circumstances, they continued to put the customers’ interests first. Everyone displayed true grit and loyalty to grow the travel business.

    Once travel resumed in 2022, we recognized that our advisors needed better tools to continue to fulfill our goals. We joined the Travel Leaders Network consortium and rebranded as “GoSmart Travel.” Our founder, Kristan Hamill, states, “’we always have to look to the customers and agents— they are going to tell us what they want and how we can be better.” With our new brand, we intend to provide more client inventory and create the best opportunities for our advisors while executing our vision.

    Our Vision & Mission

    GoSmart Travel will be the preferred travel agency partner for individuals and groups seeking personalized service and destination expertise at competitive rates. We discover the most cost-effective, ideal vacation options that meet the client’s expectations without sacrificing quality. We take pride in assisting the customer throughout the entire process.

    Ultimately, our goal is to create more joy and happiness for our clients through solo and shared travel experiences.

    Kristan Hamill

    Founder of GoSmart Travel
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