The Only Vacation Packing List You’ll Ever Need

    When packing for vacation, bring the essentials. A packing list can help you remember everything you need and save you time. We came up with a list of over seventy items for you to consider taking on your next trip.  No wonder packing takes so long! 

    Below are a few tips and packing lists of essentials for different types of vacations – packing for skiing, packing for the Bahamas, or packing for any vacation! 

    If you are a paper and pen type of person, print out the list and feel free to check it off. Here is a link to the google doc for you to print. Lists are sorted by tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

    Before you leave for your trip:

    • Make copies of the credit cards you are taking, your driver’s license, and your passport.
    • Create an emergency contact list and let those on your list know where you are going. If you have a good relationship with your travel agent, make sure they have your contact list, too.
    • If you are traveling overseas, you might want to take local currency. Identify where to get cash for your destination and shop rates. 

    When thinking about what to take with you, ask yourself:

    1. How many days will you be gone on vacation?
    2. How many nights will you be staying and will you need evening clothes?
    3. Do you have unique plans like an opera or a special dinner that requires a unique outfit? 
    4. What do I need, and what can I leave behind?

    Your Vacation Packing List

    Must brings

    1. Money
    2. ID, Passport & Visas
    3. Travel Docs
    4. VAX cards and docs
    5. Emergency contact information
    6. Tickets for tours, shows, busses, trains, planes, or events
    7. Jewelry (maybe more of a nice to bring)

    Electronics – Plug ’em in.

    1. Phone Charger
    2. Phone
    3. Computer or Tablet
    4. Computer or Tablet chargers


    1. Glasses or Contact lenses
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Hats

    Toiletries for _____ days

    1. Shampoo
    2. Conditioner 
    3. Body Wash or Soap
    4. Face wash 
    5. Face moisturizer
    6. Washcloth or scrubby
    7. Hairstyling products
    8. Sunscreen
    9. Hairbrush or comb
    10. Dryer, curling irons, flat irons
    11. Deodorant
    12. Perfume or Cologne
    13. Lotion
    14. Razor & Shaving Cream
    15. Ladies products
    16. Insect repellent
    17. Makeup
    18. Medicine and Vitamins

    The Basics

    1. Underwear (tops and bottoms)  for _____ days
    2. Sleeping wear for _____ days

    Casual Daywear for _____ days!

    1. Shirts
    2. Shorts/Pants/Jeans
    3. Skirts
    4. Dresses
    5. Sox
    6. Belts

    Evening or Business Wear for  _____ nights

    1. Collared shirts
    2. Slacks
    3. Jackets
    4. Dresses
    5. Blouses
    6. Sox or stockings
    7. Suits
    8. Belts
    9. Ties
    10. Gown or Tux

    Exercise clothes  for  _____ days.

    Besides counting the number of days you plan to exercise. Are you also committing the number os push ups you’ll do?

    1. Exercise Tops
    2. Exercise Bottoms
    3. Exercise Sox
    4. Exercise undergarments (tops and bottoms)

    A splash perhaps at the pool…

    1. Bathing suits for _____ days
    2. Coverup
    3. Plastic bag for a wet suit

    Rain & Cold Weather Gear 

    1. Coat
    2. Jacket
    3. Umbrella

    Shoes – it can so hard to choose which shoes.

    1. Tennis, athletic, or hiking shoes
    2. Pool shoes or flip flops
    3. Walking around during the day shoes
    4. Going out at night shoes
    5. Business meeting shoes

    Emergency/other travel items

    1. First aid kit
    2. A power converter for international travel
    3. Laundry wash
    4. Laundry bag
    5. Binoculars

    “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller 

    Stuff Beaching or Cruising

    1. Bathing suits
    2. Beach coverups
    3. Snorkel and mask
    4. Goggles for swimming
    5. Dive gear and dive card
    6. Fins
    7. Sunhat
    8. Beach bag
    9. Reusable water bottle
    10. Key card lanyard or key holder

    Extra Stuff for Skiing and Boarding

    1. Specialty shoes like snowshoes, ski boots, snowboard boots
    2. Helmet
    3. Goggles
    4. Ski/Board Glasses
    5. Mittens/Gloves
    6. Neck gator
    7. Hat, headband, and/or earmuffs
    8. Face cover
    9. Body braces or wraps like a knee brace
    10. Long Underwear (tops and bottoms)
    11. Fleece shirts
    12. Ski/Board Jacket
    13. Ski/Board pants
    14. Sweaters
    15. Bathing Suit for the hot tub
    16. Skis or snowboard 
    17. Ski bag or board bag
    18. Walkie Talkies

    We hope our lists will help you pack more efficiently and avoid forgetting anything. A packing list might include clothes, toiletries, medications, technology, and other items, depending on the length of the trip.  Here are some packing lists for different types of trips – packing for skiing or packing for the Bahamas! If you’re not sure where to start with your own packing list – print out one from our google doc (list tabs at the bottom) and leave comments for things we may have missed. Happy Trails!



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