Miraval Austin Resort & Spa: Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness

    I recently visited the Miraval Austin Resort and Spa. When it comes to finding peace and relaxation, few places can compare. Situated in Austin, Texas, this world-class spa offers guests a mind, body, and spirit wellness experience like no other.

    From the minute you arrive, you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and there’s a sense of calmness. Upon check-in, I was given an itinerary of classes and activities for the remainder of my stay.

    I noticed that each employee wore a name tag like Jubilant, Creative, Energetic, Intentional, Welcoming, and more. When I asked about the significance of the name tag, the front desk explained that each team member had to come up with a word representing their intention while working at Miraval. The idea of intention became a running theme throughout my stay.

    Before sending me on my journey, I was encouraged to come up with a word describing my intention while at the resort. The exercise motivated guests to be conscious and purposeful throughout the stay. Honestly, I had no idea what word to choose, and it took time to connect with my intentions.

    What do you do at a wellness resort?

    Miraval Austin is more than just a destination for relaxation— it’s a haven where you can destress, feel grounded, explore and improve your overall well-being. The all-inclusive resort offers various services and amenities designed to help manage stress and promote overall wellness. Miraval Austin offers something for everyone, from aerial yoga and meditation classes to spa treatments and healthy dining options. 

    Each guest can select classes and activities from an extensive portfolio of options. You can begin as soon as you arrive. There were tons of choices ranging from beekeeping to painting live horses. My class schedule for one day looked something like this:

    My first day at Miraval:

    8 am Outdoor Fitness Fusion

    9 am Guided Nature Walk

    10 am Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation

    11am Stress Solutions Class

    12pm Lunch

    1 pm Cardio Drumming Fitness

    3:30 pm Slow Flow Aerial Yoga

    5 pm Cocktails in the Kitchen

    6 pm Semi-Private Ring of Light – A cleansing ceremony

    7 pm Dinner

    I built my schedule to be focused on meditation and stress reduction. In contrast, my friend chose outdoorsy activities such as a ropes course, a 45-foot climbing tower, healthy snacks preparation, and steak grilling.

    Emphasis on intention

    Have you ever set an intention at the beginning of a day and been purposeful about fulfilling that intention? Although I have created many to-do lists, I never thought about setting an intention for the day or week, let alone acting on it. At the start of each session at Miraval, the group leader asked each participant to declare their goal during the session. For example, I attended Rhythmic Horseback Riding. I decided to reconnect with my love of horses and riding, and that’s precisely what I did! 

    “Boldly state your intentions out loud. The universe will hear it. Your intentions become authentic and powerful. Do not underestimate what you are capable of achieving.”— Miraval Austin


    During the Swing and a Prayer activity, we donned climbing gear and hoisted a few stories into the air on a rope before being released into a gigantic free fall. Each person was asked what they intended to accomplish. One big burly man voiced how he wanted to release the challenges of the past and swing into a golden future. Another individual replied she wanted to keep her eyes open and face her fear of heights. To hear each person working to overcome and improve was inspiring unto itself. We all face challenges and work to grow.

    Discover joy and create your own experience

    Finding peace and joy may be difficult in our busy, fast-paced world. So often, we must seek it out. 

    I am a travel agency owner, and even though I work with people to help them schedule time to enjoy life and travel, I am guilty of getting caught in the daily grind. Life has a way of bogging us down with lengthy to-do lists, work issues, and stress. Thus, stress management is incredibly important to our health and wellbeing. I found planning and scheduling joyful experiences like vacations are important to my mental health and the health of my clients. My trip to Miraval was a much-needed investment and a reminder of how to create greater well-being in my everyday life.  

    While at the property, I captured a few tips to help build a personal wellness experience:

    Schedule time for yourself

    It’s easy to fill every minute. Whether it’s taking a yoga class, getting a massage, or simply taking a walk. Take a deep breath and carve out time to focus on yourself. 

    Get out and try something new!

    Scientists have proven that novelty increases your dopamine levels. Dopamine is the “feel-good” hormone that gives you a sense of pleasure. When you experience increased dopamine, you are more mindful, aware, and able to learn quicker. Miraval Austin offers a variety of unique opportunities that are bound to help you experience newfound excitement. From ropes challenge courses to crystal bowl meditation to Texan wine classes, Miraval Austin’s wellness spa is a perfect resort for relaxing your blood pressure and de-stressing. Keep an open mind and you’ll be sure to find an activity that resonates with you.

    Make healthy choices

    Most of the cuisine at Miraval comes farm-to-table, prepared by highly skilled chefs. The menu changes daily, and it is easy to find healthy choices at every meal. Snacks in the coffee shop range from avocado chocolate chip cookies to protein power bars to collagen-infused smoothies. I never had a choice of highly processed food, so healthy options were easy to find on property. 

    What made it better was the fact I took classes on healthy snacks, so when I left, I brought healthy choices home. And not only did I learn how to prepare better, cleaner food, but I also learned how to enjoy it more. 

    One of my favorite classes was food mediation— a class about how to appreciate the food nourishing my body. Our instructor gave us a ritual to help us become more mindful at every meal. It sounds ridiculous, but I promise everyone should try it.  

    When your food is served, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you without judgment. Think about where your food comes from and the effort to prepare it. Open your eyes and look at the colors, texture, and arrangement. Smell it, and then take your first bite. People sitting next to you may look at you sideways, but I promise you will enjoy your meal more. 

    Manage your stress (easier said than done)

    Here is a little exercise to create stress awareness. If someone were to ask you to rate your stress on a scale from one to ten, one being low and ten high, what number would you choose? Write it down.

    Before taking on any stress-relieving activity, including going to a wellness retreat like Miraval, rate your stress level. Rate it in the middle of your stay and again at the end. This was an exercise that I learned while staying at Miraval. Tracking stress levels in a journal is a fantastic management method. Be mindful of finding activities that reduce stress like meditation, yoga, walking, exercising, painting, playing music, or whatever brings you peace.

    How much does it cost to go to Miraval?

    The resort’s price includes all meals, snacks, specialty coffees, and activities. They frequently provide a daily resort credit for activities such as spa treatments and certain paid classes, like a private dining experience with a personal chef or a Texan wine pairing class. Nightly prices change seasonally, based on availability and range from $1059 to $1700 a night before taxes and resort fees for double occupancy. Guests often get a daily resort credit on top of all meals, activities, complimentary shuttle service, and more. They offer a day pass for $250 a day.

    Is a wellness spa worth it?

    Yes, for me, a trip to a wellness resort was well worth it! There are several great resort spas in the U.S., but Miraval is at the top of the list. Miraval Austin stands out for its immersive experience with impeccable service all in a luxurious setting. Lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, relax and combat the effects of stress with a trip to Miraval. Only you have the ability to invest in your mind, body, and spirit.

    How to reserve my trip: 

    If you’re ready to take a break from your daily life and recharge your batteries, contact our agency. We will help you book your stay at this one-of-a-kind resort. Call 813-591-5971.



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