Featured Trips: Wellness Edition

    Welcome to the Wellness Edition of the EXPLORER COLLECTION!

    Our goal is to share some of our favorite trips and destinations with an emphasis on reconnecting with yourself and de-stressing. These destinations have been handpicked by our GoSmart team to best combine variety, luxury, and escape. Wellness is critical for our happiness, relationships, and overall health. This edition is meant as a reminder to our friends to invest in themselves and their wellbeing.

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    Celebrity Eclipse Alaska: Explore the Frontier

    Set sail from the outdoor paradise of Vancouver and embark on an unforgettable Alaskan journey aboard Celebrity Eclipse. Take to the skies on a helicopter ride around Icy Strait Point. Witness a spectacular calving display by Hubbard Glacier from the comfort of your ship. Go on a thrilling dog sled ride in Juneau, and see a colorful collection of Tlingit totem poles in Ketchikan.

    Miraval Austin Resort & Spa

    When it comes to finding peace and relaxation, few places can compare. Situated in Austin, Texas, this world-class spa offers guests a mind, body, and spirit wellness experience like no other. Check out our recent article on Miraval Austin!

    Rates vary based on availability. 

    Ponant Cruise: Winter in Paradise

    Discover heavenly beaches, luxuriant natural environments, endemic wildlife and astounding underwater worlds. Embark with PONANT on an expedition cruise to discover the most beautiful islands of the Seychelles. This 12-night/13-day itinerary aboard Le Jacques-Cartier will be an opportunity to discover little-known places of breathtaking natural beauty and an original fauna and flora.

    Hotel Xcaret México: Muluk Spa

    Inspired by one of the Mayan calendar signs associated with water, Hotel Xcaret Mexico”>Visit XCARET.



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